Friday, August 22, 2008

Ok so I really dont know how to do this blog thing..I dont know how to put up cute wallpaper and pictures where I want to put them. Does anyone want to come show me???

I just wanted to tell you a couple funny things Carter has said in the last little while...
-"Mommy my diapers teasing me"- AKA his diaper is on crooked or its twisted its just bugging him!!

-"I dont get it!!! I dont get it Mommy!! How does the water come out of this machine??" - Said while taking a bath and wondering how the water comes out of the tap!!
I Love being able to spend one on one time with carter. Madisyn has started 1st grade so she is gone all day. It is fun to just hang out with my cute little Carter!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So here is my blog. I said I would never do one but I decided to do this for all of my family that lives far away. So they can keep updated on my family.
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Amber Lee Pond. I was born and raised in good Ole Utah in the Salt Lake Valley.
I went to Bingham High School and Graduated in 1995.
My Husband was born in Chicago IL and lived there until he was 11 and then moved to Anaheim Hills CA. He lived there until serving his mission to Peoria IL. While there his family moved to South Jordan UT so that is where he returned 'home' to. He was in my ward and I didnt really notice him for about a year and a half and then BAM we started dating on Feb 1 2007 and got married in the Salt Lake Temple on December 4th 1998.
We had our Beautiful daughter Madisyn Lee on June 18 2002. We lived with Roger parents in South Jordan UT until our home was finished. we moved into our new home in west Jordan UT In Sept 2003.
On May 14th 2005 our HANDSOME son Carter Ellertson was born!
I am blessed to be able to stay home and raise our beautiful kids. Its hard some days and it can be draining. But its worth it. I wouldnt want someone else raising my kids for me.
I wouldnt trade it for the world.

Like I said most of the family lives out of state. Most of Rodgers family that is.
My Parents live in South Jordan. My Brother Jared (16) lives there with them
Also My younger brother Jon and his wife live there as well with there cutie kids Hanna (2) and Gibson (1 month)
My Younger sister Leanne and her Hubby Josh are the only ones on my side that live out of state. They live in Bethesda MAryland.
My younger sister Michelle A.K.A. Hermana Partridge is serving a mission in San Fernanado CA Spanish speaking. She has only been gone since Dec but I miss her TONZ.

Rodgers parents live with us. Most people when I tell them that say how awful it must be. But I think its fun! They are awesome people and the kids love having them around. They get to know there Grandparents better than most kids ever will!
Rodgers older sister Tami and her New Hubby Jake live just outside Grand Rapids Michigan.
His Older Brother Greg and His wife Paula live in Albuquerque NM with there 2 adorable girls GRacen (9) and Gillian (2) They are expecting there 3rd due in Oct.
His Younger Bro Matt and His Wife Jocelyn live in Corpus Cristi TX with there handsome boys Dallen (4) and Darren (1)
His Younger Sis Shauna and her hubby Jesse live in Portland OR with there Handsome boys Conner (3) and Gavin (8 Months)
And last but not least there is the single stud Jeff who lives with his buddies in Sandy.

So as you can see we are spread all over the US!!